Welcome to Everyday Teacher Style! Each week I’ll be posting a few of the outfits I wore to school, along with source info when possible.

I’m all for coming up with new ways to mix up my existing wardrobe, but I also love adding in new pieces–especially those that are teacher-budget friendly. And let’s not forget comfort: every teacher knows the ability to move about freely, all day long, is non-negotiable, so clothes (and yes, shoes!) have to be just as functional as they are fabulous.

Follow me on Instagram to see my “outfits of the day” #OOTD and more style ideas.

I’ll also be adding a variety of new posts featuring health and fitness as well as inspiration for teachers. Teachers can get run down in so many ways–it’s important for us to support and refresh each other.

Thanks for joining me on this journey–enjoy!


Meet the Teacher


I’m Jenny, a high school English and reading teacher (and Chess Team coach) from central Illinois. I’ve been teaching for over 20 years (so, yeah, that puts me in my 40’s) and I absolutely love it.

Fashion has been a back-burner interest of mine for a long time and so, at the encouragement of friends who are always pumping me for style tips, I started Everyday Teacher Style to share some of my style ideas and inspiration.

I would love to hear about (and see) your own teacher style, tips for well-being, and sources of inspiration, too!


What do you think?

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