Nooooooooo! Curse you, school supplies.

Pretty sure I made this face at Target the other day. There may have even been some accompanying sound effects.




Teacher Fashion Fails, Vol. 2

You asked for it, you’ve got it! Another installment of Teacher Fashion Fails. Since this one covers the last few months, not all of the outfits are ones I wore to school, but two of the three actually are (sigh).

1. When do you start your maternity leave, Mrs. Murphy?

I actually really adore this outfit, but if you look close there are two problems with, uh, me. First, the way the top is draping it totally looks like I’ve got a little Murphy bun in the oven. Second, the fact that I was waaaaay overdue getting my gray hairs touched up probably made it even more likely that I was expecting (gotta those toxic hair dyes to protect the little bambino, right?).



2. Don’t go getting a big head — especially with that ‘do!

When I took this photo the tripod was set up too high so the camera was actually looking down at me. Anything closer to the camera when a photo is taken looks much bigger than anything farther away, so my upper body looks massive and my feet and lower body look almost too small to hold them up. You can especially tell if you look at my head and shoulders and then skim your eyes down to my feet. Weird, huh! And to think I usually struggle with my lower half being too big! And we won’t even discuss what the wind was doing to my hair right then.

fauxhawk angle makes head huge feet tiny.JPG


3. Leif, can I have your autograph?!?

Bad hair is definitely trending in all three of these fails. This time, though, my hobbit-like hair is almost a dead ringer for that of 70’s teen superstar Leif Garrett! How many junior high boys would have killed for this hair back in the day? Yep, that’s me, pullin’ it off like a rockstar. All I need now are a few more layers and a gold chain. Boom.



Watch for more teacher fashion fails coming up in September!


Homemade Baby Shower Gifts Galore

In the English department at the high school where I teach, it seems like new babies are cropping up every  couple of years or so. Since many of my out-of-school friends are done having little ones and more into the middle school and high school activity frenzy, I don’t get that many chances to get baby gifts. In this past year, we’ve had two new little bundles of joy in our department.

My stock baby gift always used to be a gift card to Toys-R-Us or Target tucked into a humorous card. I have learned over the past year that it’s super-easy to make your own cute, creative baby shower gifts! 

Of course, I never would have learned this lesson without spending hours (and hours, and hours….you get the idea) on Etsy and Pinterest. What did I ever do before Etsy and Pinterest?  Oh yeah, I remember. Gift cards.

Here is the first gift I made for one of my colleagues having a little girl a few months ago:


Cupcake onesies + socks, washcloth rolls

These were so simple to make. I just bought sets of onesies and baby socks, two cupcake boxes, and some sturdy cupcake liners. To make the cupcakes (the box on the left), you take the little socks and put them in the middle of a rolled up onesie so it looks like a cupcake with a cherry on top. To make the little rolls (they look like little cinnamon rolls), just roll up some baby washcloths. I bought baby-themed puffy stickers to stick onto the plain white cupcake boxes and tied ribbon around the outside. Too cute, and so easy to do.

Then, a month ago, for another colleague’s shower, I made this little pea-themed set:


Peapod bucket shower gift


Peapods = 4 baby washclothes

My colleague’s nursery colors are going to be lemon yellow and gray, so I chose washcloths in those shades, along with some bright, cheery green ones to use as the peapods. This was super-easy as well. You use 4 baby washcloths for each peapod. Lie the green one flat and fold the corners opposite each other together so they touch in the middle, leaving the two other corners opposite each other out length-wise you’ll be tying those). Place 3 rolled washcloths in the middle, then pull each end snugly and tie a ribbon around it to keep it secure. Voila! Along with the 4 peapods, I also included a gray and white chevron blanket (with a yellow back – SOOOO soft) that I purchased on Etsy from Caramel & Co., which has the cutest baby stuff (check it out!). I also tucked in a little Burt’s Bees Baby set with a onesie, a hat, and some of their baby bath supplies. I put it all into a shiny metal bucket that I picked up at a hardware store for a few bucks. Once again, without breaking the bank, I put together a cute little gift.

I’m pretty excited now because I found out that ANOTHER of my English dept. colleagues is having a baby this spring, and still another may be adopting soon. Yay for two more opportunities to make fun little shower gifts!!